4 Point Webbing Wheelchair Restraints
Simple but very effective way of restraining wheelchairs, both manual and powered. Consisting of four tie down straps in total, 2 of fixed length for front fitting and 2 adjustable straps for the rear fitting, with easy to use over centre buckles to allow tensioning of the whole system ensuring the chair is securely tied down. Designs available for both removable track fitting or permanent bolt down fitting.

Available in Standard (up to 90kgs) or Heavy Duty (up to 130kgs)
Part No WCT002 or Heavy Duty WCT/HD 002
A four point system with buckle and tongue fittings for the front and karabiner fittings for the rear.

Part No WCT001
A four point system with buckle and tongue fittings for both the front and rear mounting points

Short Reach 4 Point Tie Down System  Part No WCT003
Designed to fit within the length of the wheelchair. Taking up less room than the conventional method when space is at a premium, with the possibility of getting more chairs into a vehicle or allowing for better access for seated passengers than previously possible. This is an unconventional system that is easy to use.

Unoccupied Wheelchair Tie Down  Part No WCT005
Designed to restrain an un-occupied wheelchair either open or folded away. A simple pull to tighten / press to release cam buckle operation combined with two track fittings, make it quick and easy to use.